Is Denture Repair Advised if They Fit Loosely?

Posted on: March 13, 2020

denture repair Sun City West, AZ

Looking for information on denture repair? If you are a new denture wearer, finding out as much as you can about wearing dentures is a great idea. The more you understand about dentures, including taking care of them and when they are in need of repair, the more likely your dentures will last you for many, many years.

About denture repair

Learning more about denture repair is a great idea when you need to wear dentures. While many people associate repairing dentures because they have been somehow broken, dentures also need to be repaired when they do not fit exactly as they are supposed to. One of the more common reasons why repairing dentures is necessary is because they fit loosely, which can lead to your experiencing sore spots in your mouth. Loose-fitting dentures can often be repaired by adjusting them.

Why would dentures become loose?

There are few different reasons why dentures begin to fit looser, with the following being two of the more common. The first reason is due to bone resorption, a term used to describe the process of one’s gums shrinking, as the loss of teeth can make gums shrink. This resorption occurs because the gums are no longer needed to keep teeth in their proper place and therefore they begin to shrink. The second reason is due to everyday wear and tear. This is why it is so important for denture wearers to take proper care of their dentures, as this allows the dentures to keep their shape.

Loose denture problems

When dentures are loose, it means that they no longer fit properly. When dentures no longer fit properly, they will begin to shift and move around in the mouth. This shifting and moving around in the mouth can lead to one experiencing mouth problems, like sore spots. Some denture wearers who are also experiencing loose dentures will hear a clicking sound, which can be quite annoying. When dentures are loose, it makes them wear down faster because they are not properly fitting in the mouth. It can even cause dentures to fracture and break.

Is denture repair advised if they fit loosely?

Yes, denture repair is advised if dentures are fitting too loose. A dental professional can evaluate dentures in order to understand how to adjust them so that they will fit exactly as they are supposed to. Depending on the reason why the dentures are fitting loosely will determine the type of solution used to repair the dentures. Two of the more common solutions include performing a hard reline of the dentures and remaking the dentures so they fit as intended.

Are your dentures in need of repair?

Are you currently in need of denture repair? If you wear dentures so you can have a healthy mouth and they are not fitting as securely as they are supposed to, then they are in need of repair so they can fit your mouth exactly as they are supposed to. When your dentures do not fit well, it can make it difficult for you to perform your everyday functions, like talking and eating.

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